You've written to Father Christmas, now write to your MP!

A bit of basic draught-proofing can help loads, but if we really want to take action on energy waste, we need political support. 

So once you’ve had fun sorting your heat at home, write to your MP - tell them what you’ve been doing at home and why you want their support to do more.

Cold homes is not simply a climate change issue. Cold homes have huge health and economic impacts for millions of people in Britain.

Cold homes cost the NHS around £1.3 billion every year. It can worsen chronic lung disease, asthma, arthritis and rheumatism. It also reduces our ability to fight off infection. Living in a cold house makes children twice as likely to suffer respiratory problems like asthma and puts teenagers more at risk of developing multiple mental health problems.

According to the National Children's Bureau, 3.8 million children in England live in families that are struggling to pay their energy bills. The UK government’s own statistics say a little over 10% of English households are living in fuel poverty.

The government has a legal target to use energy efficiency measures to lift homes out of fuel poverty by 2030. However, National Energy Action argue that current progress is so slow that target won’t be met for 80 years.