Stop the Big Six squashing local energy

The Big Six are trying to squash local energy

Financial rewards to local energy projects are being quietly slashed - by up to a massive 93%. These payments aren’t subsidies - they are given to local energy projects to reward them for lowering electricity costs for all consumers.

It’s a challenge to a future of local, clean and democratic energy.

And it’s playing right into the hands of the Big Six and the corporate, dirty energy system of old.

One industry expert described this to us as the ‘empire strikes back’.

The decision to slash payments to local energy was dominated by the Big Six. No-one represented renewables or community energy.

Local clean energy is now unstoppable - but the stakes are too high to let its opponents slow us down. Sign our urgent letter to the regulator Ofgem and the government asking them to slam the brakes on this terrible decision before it’s too late.

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