Donate to keep up the fight for onshore wind

Onshore wind is cheap, clean and popular. We need to be building more of it to power our clean and bright future. But the government doesn't get the picture.

That’s why we’re running the Blown Away campaign, and want to keep it running. We’ve got exciting plans ahead but we can’t do it without you.

We’ll be supporting groups like Resilient, making sure stories of great wind projects like theirs get told. We’ll be busting all those myths politicians and the press seem happy to spread about turbines. We’ll be shouting about how much public money fossil fuels get while clean energy is frozen out, and exposing double standards when it comes to planning permission for wind compared to gas.

Can you help us to continue fighting for onshore wind?

PS. If we get more money than we need for the Blown Away campaign, we'll put the rest of the donations towards our other work tackling climate change. We hope that's ok.